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Title: 440 Steps.
Disclaimer: Not true, didn't happen, I make no assumptions or statements about anyone.
Rating: G
Fandom: LOTR RPS
Character/pairing: Craig Parker/Marton Csokas
Warnings/spoilers: None
Word Count: 251
Summary: 440. That's how many steps there were to the top.
Written for rpflashfic

440. That's how many steps there were to the top.

Craig's legs ached at the thought, but he couldn't have cared less. He fingered the note in his jacket pocket and started up the first flight, knowing he should pace himself, but nearly sprinting anyway.

I'm sorry. the note said in familiar, stilted handwriting.

I'm so sorry. If you can ever forgive me, meet me at the lighthouse tomorrow at noon - at the top, where we shared our first kiss all those years ago.

If you can't find it in your heart to be there I won't blame you.

I shouldn't even be asking but...I'm selfish. I want you back. I want to make up for everything and prove to you that I can change, that it will never happen again.

Either way...

I love you.


As Craig counted each step - he currently had 381 to go - he wished with all his heart that the lighthouse had an elevator. Not to relieve the cramping in his leg muscles he was sure would be there when he reached the top. Not because of the stitch in his side that was already starting to make itself known, or the burning in his lungs that surely awaited him after such a workout. Not even because of the strange looks he was getting from everyone as he dashed, sweating and already breathless, up the absurdly long, spiraling staircase.

He wished there was an elevator only because he wanted to get there faster.
Tags: author: a, fandom: lord of the rings, prompt #1
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