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Prompt #2

Hello everyone :) Prompt #2 while I'm here. Don't worry you still have until the end of the day to write for #1, Which is here.

Prompt #2: Separation.

Interpret however you wish! The rules are here if you need to touch up on them.

Please use the following header:

Subject: Title; Rating; Fandom

It is important that you follow this template exactly. Stories will be due Saturday, December 19th, 2009. Any questions, ask! Have fun :D
you loved pretending

Prompt #1

Normally prompts would run from Saturday to Saturday but I'd like to kick this off as soon as possible, so here is prompt #1.

Interpret however you wish, the rules are here for those who need a refresher/are new.

Please use the following header:

It is important that you follow this template exactly. Stories will be due Saturday, December 5th, 2009. Any questions, ask!
you loved pretending

Welcome + Guidelines

Hello! Welcome to rpflashfic, a challenge community for real person flash fiction. Flash fiction is a short piece of writing, in this case between 100 and 2500 words. Once a month a prompt will be given and you the writer will create a flash fic for the fandom of your choice.


1. All fics should be bewtween 100 and 2500 words.
2. All fics must be posted with a header. The header will be provided with the prompt for a quick cut and paste, it is asked that you do not deviate from that template.
3. All fics must be put behind a cut if being posted directly to the community, yes, even drabbles. We don't want to force anyone into reading something they might not be interested in. If you do not know how to use an LJ cut you can find out how here. You may also post to your own journal/community and link back.

The community has now been opened up to all fics that fall within the guidelines of the community. If you have a story that is RPF and is between 100 and 2500 words you may post it here. It is asked that you please follow the above guidelines when posting stories regardless of whether they are challenge fics or not.

Please do not change the formatting on your entries, this includes text (other than the default bold, italicize or underline) and colors. Not all layouts are the same and people do read entries from their friend's pages, so keep posts at the default settings.

Any genre, pairing/character and rating are welcome. As long as it's RPF. And yes, crossovers are allowed. It is asked that only celebrity be used (sports, actors, etc), please don't write a story about your friend or a fan who runs a forum. If you have a question about whether your story falls into this category please ask.

Yes, you may crosspost! Yes, you may write more than one story!


Challenges will be issued bi-weekly to start off with. Depending on which direction the community takes, it may drop back to 1 per month, or move up to 1 per week. Challenges will be posted every Saturday to start, you will have two weeks to write and post your story. there is no deadline for posting. If you miss a prompt and want to go back and write for it you may.

Prompts can range from pictures to quotes to only one words, anything that can spark your imagination.

If you have any questions (or suggestions!) please feel free to comment. Otherwise, have fun and happy writing!